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Parish Councillors Needed

Newton Toney Parish Council is made up of 7 parish councillors and needs volunteers to join it with currently 2 vacancies.

A Parish Council is the first level of statutory local governance and where a community can identify issues, engage the appropriate local agencies, generate public money and resolve them.

As a public body, these priorities and funds need to be managed in a transparent and accountable manner; achieved via decisions made by a quorum of parishioners. Maintaining this quorum is vital, as the alternative is Local Authority stepping in and running Newton Toney's issues remotely.

Parish Councils are supported by a Parish Clerk who conducts the majority of official correspondence and business, as well as advises and guides councillors on legal and procedural matters.

In recent years, the NTPC has addressed and supported the resolution of a number of community matters; maintenance of the recreation ground, it's funding, and legal protection against development, installation of defibrillators via a national lottery grant, dog waste bins, protecting the NT7 right of way against free motorcycle use and a variety of other more routine things such as planning consultations, traffic surveys, cemetery management and coordination with the Parish Steward.

Much of this can be seen on the new GDPR compliant Parish Website, recently upgraded and launched.

If any of these matters have affected you or you feel strongly about them, please come to a PC meeting (currently conducted on Zoom) to have your voice heard and see how matters are addressed.

A Parish Council is a reflection of its community, please help us be better.
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