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Bourne Valley Link Scheme volunteers provide neighbourly services to those in need, especially those living alone or without means of transport in the Bourne Valley Parishes, including Newton Toney. To use the scheme please ring the coordinator on 01980 611117. See also www.bournevalleylink.org.uk

Bourne Valley Magazine 10 editions per year and only 50p each. The Editor is Rob Beaverstock, who can be contacted on bournevalleymag@gmail.com.

Bus timetable there is an infrequent bus service to/from Newton Toney. The latest information can be found here.

Job Centre Information on our nearest Job Centre can be found here.

Learnyay Free Education Courses and Training Learnyay helps adults find free education courses and training. Further details available at www.learnyay.co.uk

The Mobile Library has a surprisingly comprehensive selection of books for all ages and interests. The timetable is available on line but the Mobile Library currently visits on the Friday of every second week, by the school.

Newton Toney Wiltshire village image Pet Dental Health Given the large number of dogs (and other pets) in our community, sharing a link explaining the importance of pet dental care is important. Please go to Dentably for more details.

Salisbury Dogs Trust the Salisbury Dogs Trust is located at the edge of Newton Toney. Further details are available from this link.

Social Media Several of the 'organisations' associated with Newton Toney have embraced social media and have their own Facebook pages. A selection are provided below, which you can access by clicking the appropriate Facebook logo:

Newton Toney Wiltshire village image
Malet Arms

Newton Toney Wiltshire village image
Newton Toney Village

Newton Toney Wiltshire village image

Local Weather from our nearest weather station is available from the Met Office or as shown below:


Village Cafe held on the second Thursday of each month 10 - 11.30am in Newton Toney Memorial Hall.

Newton Toney Wiltshire village image Village Post Office details on the new (2020) Outreach Post Office Service in Newton Toney can be found in the Document Library.

Details on the Outreach Post Office Service visiting Newton Toney are available in the article below and from this link.

Wiltshire Household Recycling Centre Further details on the introduction of proof of address scheme at Wiltshire Household Recycling Centres is available on the Wiltshire Council website.

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We have a comprehensive selection of reports, data and information in our Document Library - from the current status of the River Bourne to local Police Reports.

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